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October 4, 2008
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EDIT: The photo was brilliantly revamped by Alain :iconidolatrystudios: with such a fantastic attention to vivid color I could not help but replace the old with the new! Please go to his page and shower him with praise for his artistic talent!

He just re-released it because it's going to be featured in an upcoming west coast publication on cosplay!

FOR THE LOVE OF OBLIVION, ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE FANTASTIC: :iconfinal-testament: Alain of Idolatry Studios for this master-piece!

I have never in my life had more of a pleasure than working with these two people: Kham :iconkhamryn: as Riku was a riot and so damn creative with our posing. Being as sweltered as I was in the 90 degree weather of LA, my mind was shot for interesting poses and angles and what have you. Luckily I had talent coming at me from both ends and I'm absolutely stunned by the result.

Thank you so much you two, I can't wait to show-case the rest. You tease me so! OH!

EDIT: This is just a TEASER to the full set! If you'd like to see the full set, GO HERE [link] :iconexcitedplz:
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Miscomunication Jul 12, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Kyttiecat Jul 7, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
very nice cosplay and editing.. fabulous! instant :+fav:
ganimyde Apr 2, 2010
Holy crap, that IS utterly fantastic. *__*........

The keyblade over the shoulder looks like real metal, and the long weapon in front is so clean and its designs smooth. :O

That lighting is very interesting. I wonder why it's one color on one side and another on the other. 0.0 THAT is definitely using the most of your space!
Alain used a special colored lens to give the colorful gradient affect. :3
WHOAHOHO ! THAT IS REALLY COOL LIGHTING! Where did you shoot this at??
It was at Anime Expo at the LA convention center. :lol:
*JEALOUS* What a cool shot!!!!!! Oh man I cant stop staring at it. xD made it my desktop
Oh wow that's totally awesome dude o_o!
KanaHatake Nov 19, 2009
THIS IS AMAZING!! Sorry it's taken so long to comment it, but you are the MOST amazing Xaldin I have ever seen, and the one I have the most respect for out of any Xaldin I've seen...excellent!
1onlyAxel Aug 13, 2009
Great picture.
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